Using AWS Well-Architectured Framework [RU]

Using AWS Well-Architectured Framework [RU]

December 29, 2020

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When you start thinking about innovations and prepare evaluations plan for AWS architecture, first of all you want to define answers to a lot of questions such as:

  • “What methods should I use (interviews or automation tools)?”,

  • “What questions should I ask and what categories should they cover?”,

  • “Can I use some automation tools to define correct receipts?”,

  • “What best practices should I recommend after evaluation and what will be the best way to implement these improvements?”.

AWS Well-Architecture Framework has answers to all of these questions and can help you to evaluate, build or improve your infrastructure and software architecture. It’s a very important tool that will be useful in different phases of SDLC and you can use this on a regular basis.

This course will expose principles of architecture evaluation using AWS WAF, show structure of framework, general design principles and common categories, materials which will help you learn this framework and AWS architecture more deeply.

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