Ultimate AWS Hindi Course (AWS Sol. Architect 2020)

Ultimate AWS Hindi Course (AWS Sol. Architect 2020)

December 25, 2020

Original Price: €24.99

Dear Learner, 

If you are looking to learn Quality AWS Knowledge in Hindi Language, this course is for you….  Start learning AWS with lots of practicals, Watch and Do…Thats it!!!

Services Covered

EC2 (Server Management)
EBS  (Server Storage)
S3    (Simple Storage Service)
VPC  (Cloud Network)
Route 53
Cloud Watch
Database Services
Application Services in AWS
Messaging in AWS
Migration Services in AWS
Security & Compliance
Best Practices for AWS (Must Watch)

You can subscribe the youtube channel in youtube if you search for Cloud Learning or AWS in hindi, should get the channel on top (Hopefully till now too. 🙂

Welcome to Cloud Learning Family !!!!                                                                                            

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