The Art of Portrait Drawing: Drawing with Charcoal Pencil

The Art of Portrait Drawing: Drawing with Charcoal Pencil

December 24, 2020

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Chiaroscuro painting, which is popular among people nowadays, in which charcoal and Conte pencil are used to sketch and shade.

Certainly unprincipled and unprofessional education has been expanding in recent years, which is very unprofessional and has played a very effective role in this term.  And we must look carefully at these differences so that we do not make mistakes in learning.

The chiaroscuro technique in hyper-real style, which has a unique beauty, has attracted a lot of attention from the audience, and in the way of learning chiaroscuro, various tools are used for sketching. These tools have made great progress in the past and they helped a lot for people interested in learning this technique.

Students can easily learn this technique with a lot of practice.

Sketching with charcoal and Conte pencil can be a unique experience for a person because they can create super-realistic and emotional sketches with it.

Our educational goal in this course is to enable students to better build volume.  Hair and beard tutorials in stages, the ability to draw and create different textures such as (glasses frame, glass transparency, clothing textures such as T-shirts and matches, as well as different tonnages in this sketch can be a good experience for students.)

This course is suitable for students who passed the beginner and advanced chiaroscuro courses and those who have a history of painting in other techniques and is very suitable for those who have problems with the beard and hair and can be a good experience to create different textures and volume.

In this course, we will teach you how to create hair and beard in stages, as well as nose, lips, and creating different textures of clothes with full explanations, using a pencil, charcoal powder, brushes, and various erasers.

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