SAP Cyber Security

SAP Cyber Security

December 27, 2020

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Hey SAP Security wannabes,

Stop spending your time on old-school “SAP Security” trainings! Of course, 

segregation of duties and access control are important but we are in 2016 

now! All the top consulting companies now offer SAP Cyber Security services 

and CISOs from Fortune 2000 companies want to know more about REAL 

SAP Security, how hackers can compromise their systems and how to secure 


Cyber-Security market is estimated 70 billion dollars and expected to grow 170 

billion dollars by 2020. Taking into account that SAP is one of the most important 

systems, the SAP Cyber-security will be a big part of this pie. 

Before this course, this information was only available for a few companies. Now 

you can learn it from one of the world-known experts in this area and extend your 

knowledge in IT or SAP and be a much more competitive employee in the market.

For IT Security guys:

If you have no idea what SAP is but want to know why it’s an important topic, this 

course is for you! Here are some noteworthy things:

Interest in SAP security is growing exponentially and the numerous 

attacks play a significant role in driving this interest. Take, for example, 

the recent breaches revealed in SAP system of a government contractor 

USIS. SAP systems and business-critical applications store the most critical 

corporate data that can at some point be used for espionage, sabotage or 

fraudulent purposes.

Analysts from different firms such as Gartner, IDC, 451Research, KuppingerCole and 

Qoucirca agreed on the significant importance of ERP security tests and 

lack of this functionality in traditional tools. 

Top consulting companies have already included ERP security services in 

their portfolio. 

But are you prepared for changes and do you have qualified expertise to 

address growing ERP Security market?


I will start with the history of SAP Cyber Security and why and how SAP Cyber 

security differs from IT Security. Then I will show the most critical risks for 

organizations. After that we will be able to understand details of all the SAP 

Systems such as ABAP or HANA and their vulnerabilities. To prove the importance, 

I will also show examples of the real attacks on SAP Systems. Finally, we will 

spend the rest of the time on learning how to secure SAP Systems from different 

angles from secure coding and SoD to vulnerability management and threat 


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