Realistic Colored Pencil Drawing: Drawing Lips & Brush

Realistic Colored Pencil Drawing: Drawing Lips & Brush

December 24, 2020

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In this course, we will teach you how to sketch an attractive lip that has been made more special by a beautifully shaped brush.

Sketching parts of the face are one of the most attractive subjects in colored pencil techniques.  Lips are a good subject for practicing facial features due to their beautiful shape and color.

In this tutorial, in addition to the lips, you will learn how to draw the metal texture of the brush and the bristles of the brush, each of which can be used in different places of different designs for you.

The present course has been prepared for those who are interested in the art of painting and colored pencil techniques.  All intermediate and advanced level students can use this training and learn how to create lips and brush professionally with colored pencil.

There is no age limit for students, and children from 11 years old and above who are able to recognize volume and color to adults who have taken beginner courses and are interested in the colored pencil techniques are included.

At the end of this colored pencil training course, students are expected to get acquainted with how to volume and texturing the lips in the colored pencil technique and gain experience in creating skin color, as well as how to create a metal piece in sketching a brush and its hair texture.

Colored pencil painting is one of the fastest, simplest, and consequently the most widely used and popular painting techniques due to its special nature and features.

Colored pencil painting, in addition to being a valuable independent art, is also used in many other fields such as clothing design, graphics, architecture, interior decoration, etc.

To create valuable works using colored pencils, you should get acquainted with painting techniques, painting principles, and how to shade with colored pencils.

In this pencil drawing course, intermediate and advanced students will learn how to draw lips and a brush, learn how to make volume and color it, and enjoy drawing in great detail.

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