Personal Brand Development for Coaches and Service Providers

Personal Brand Development for Coaches and Service Providers

December 30, 2020

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Are you a coach, consultant or a service provider with rich corporate experience who wants to start their own venture? Building a strong and recognisable personal brand is essential for the success of your business.

Personal branding is a complex process, combining both online and offline activities. In this course we will cover the 4 main steps you need to take to make sure you will rise as a leader in your industry and niche.

1. Deciding on the message, mission, voice and look of your personal brand

2. Building the right online platforms for my brand

3. Building face to face connections

4. Monetising my personal brand

Who is this for:

  • a service provider who wants to build a strong brand based on his or her personality and skills

  • a person who wants to build a successful career as a coach or consultant

  • a professional who wants to branch out of the corporate world and use their experience and knowledge to start own venture.

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