Law of Attraction | Personal Development: Money and Success

Law of Attraction | Personal Development: Money and Success

December 30, 2020

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Law of Attraction | Personal Development: Money and Success

Learn How To Manifest Success, Wealth And Money With The Help Of The Law Of Attraction And Positive Affirmations + MP3s

>>>  Everybody wants to experience success and more money. But unfortunately just a few are indeed enjoying these positive aspects of life.




  • You might suffer from not having success and lacking money?

  • You might have tried a lot, but you are not sure what might be the best solution for you?

  • You might feel like something is missing?

    >>> If that is the case … – THIS IS THE RIGHT COURSE FOR YOU!



  • In this audiobook you will learn how to manifest money and success, wealth and the carreer you want with the help of the 50 best affirmations and the law of attraction!

  • Over 11 Hours (!!!) of high quality content that will help you to understand the Law Of Attraction better, so you can use it for personal success & money (downloadable MP3s are attached!)

  • Additional guided meditations will help you to relax and calm down easily !



  • The author, Kevin Kockot (M.A. Prevention & Health Promotion) is an online content creator for years in the field of health, healing and relaxation. He teaches thousands of students on several platforms, including Udemy, Insight Timer and Skillshare.



  • You have nothing to loose! But a lot to learn about “How To Manifest Money And Success With The Law Of Attraction”!

  • Enroll now! New insights are waiting for you!

  • I am happy to meet you in this course! Kevin



PS: Thanks to Erokia from freesound . org for proving this recording used in this course! (CC 3 Licence)  FREESOUND . ORG / PEOPLE / EROKIA / SOUNDS / 414365

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