Introduction to Cyber Security and Awareness Course

Introduction to Cyber Security and Awareness Course

December 30, 2020

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“Good course for everyone. Lots of useful information and daily life practices. Firstly you think that, is two hours enough for that? When I watched videos I realized that there isn’t unnecessary content in content. And it covers nearly all topics. Thanks, Baris, hope to publish new courses.” STUDENT’S COMMENT

“Excellent! This gives us information about cybersecurity. Contents of video prepared carefully. I wish you success”  STUDENT’S COMMENT

“This course gives standard internet users a light for their journey in the dark cyberspace on every day thus they gain cyber consciousness and this means the least people who subject to cyberpiracy while this course put together properly all rules about cybersecurity with academic rigor for sector professionals, so I recommend this course to all people,  institutions, and organizations.” STUDENT’S COMMENT

Welcome to the Introduction to Cyber Security and Awareness Course! This is a complete and science-based Cyber Security course aimed for both individual and corporate users as well as IT workers. The course is easy to understand but broad enough to cover comprehensive cyber security topics

The curriculum are the same as those I teach in top universities and corporations, and have been shaped through my teaching and academic experience.

Meet the Instructor:

My name is Baris CELIKTAS. I have been working in cyber security for the past 10 years. In the last 5 of those, I especially focused on cryptology and cloud computing. I am in the Cyber Security community both practically and academically.

Practical Experience:

· Supervised the cyber security and IT systems of corporations and NATO installations

· Several cyber security projects

· Cyber-attacks and cyber security vulnerabilities expert

· Certifications of Microsoft (MCSE-Cloud; MCSE-Productivity), Cisco(CCNP; CCDP; CCNA-Sec; CCAI), VMware (VCP-DCV), ITIL, Prince2, COBIT5, etc.

Academic Background:

· BSc, Electronic Engineering

· ASc, Computer Programming

· MSc, International Relations – Cyber Security

· MEng, Informatics – Malware Analysis

· Ph.D. (C), Cyber Security Engineering and Cryptography

· Lecturer of Bachelor and Master’s degree courses in top universities

· Lecturer in public and private corporations

· 10+ articles in international academic journals

· Writer of a book on cyber security

Scope of the Course

The complete science-based Introduction to Cyber Security and Awareness Course will meet the needs of individual and corporate users as well as IT workers.

The course is complete because the course contents cover the entire spectrum of introductory-level cyber security. The course will teach you data theft, phishing, brute force attack, DoS and DDoS attacks, password hacking, encryption, authentication, password security, malware, antivirus, cyber security methods to protect personal and corporate data, and much more!

The course is science-based because the instructor blends his superior practical experience with his powerful academic background. Several sophisticated concepts, such as password hacking, encryption, data theft techniques, authentication, phishing, and much more are covered with scientific facts. Thanks to the instructor’s experience in teaching, the course contents are delivered simply but effectively.

The broad spectrum of the course lures individual and corporate users as well as IT workers. The course content has been developed after 5-years of training in public and private corporations and lecturing in universities. The students’ and workers’ feedback has helped shape this versatile course that fits the needs of a broad audience.

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