Grapho-therapy for Self Evaluation & Personal Development.

Grapho-therapy for Self Evaluation & Personal Development.

December 24, 2020

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Grapho – therapy Program

* It has been a proven fact that 85% to 90% of brain cells are active while writing. Hence your writing gives a deep insight of your Mindset.

* Grapho – therapy program is Graphology research based handwriting improvement program. It is an effort to change the perception of the writer by changing or improving his/her handwriting.

* This Program will not just improve the writing of the person but will develop a strong personality avoiding mindsets of diseases, financial failures, and disturbed relationships.

* Grapho – therapy is an effort to direct the individual endeavor’s towards success in all the aspects of life.

* It is a process of changing your handwriting to positively affect your personality. It is an effective form of therapy to make positive changes in your life.

* By accessing the direct channel of the subconscious mind, Neural pathways in your brain, you can change aspects of your character by changing your handwriting.

* Grapho-therapy is particularly effective with children, because their handwriting (like their character) is in a formative stage. This makes it a perfect time to begin correcting undesirable traits and tendencies.

It is the proven fact that in the initial 14 years of age the life cycle is majorly run by Sub –Conscious Mind and Conscious mind is developing, which performs the major function of thinking, comparing, analyzing, deciding

1) Graphology is science of understanding the human

subconscious mind through handwriting.

2) It is the study of a person’s character through the medium of handwriting.

3) Your handwriting bears the unique imprint of your personality, with all its strength and weaknesses for entire world to see.

4) It is as if ,in a unconscious way you are offering a window to your deepest self.

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