Drawing & Sketching

Drawing & Sketching

December 24, 2020

Original Price: €24.99

Everything you need to know about the fundamentals of drawing and illustration, condensed into a fun 5 part class. Each class includes a detailed description of key concepts and techniques related to that subject. Jam packed with hints, tips, and tools just about every artist should have under their belt. Also includes supplementary reference files and an interactive assignment at the end of each class, giving students a chance to try out some of the techniques they just learned about!

Whether you’re a beginner or you’ve been drawing for a while and just want to brush up on the fundamentals, this class will be a valuable tool for artists looking to improve. All the most important technical information served up in a nutshell. A clear, concise course about how to improve your drawings, made with visual learners in mind.

Get started today to learn how to:

-Shade and light a drawing

-Draw in different perspectives

-Draw a realistic people

-Draw realistic faces

As well as many other tricks to make drawing much easier and much more fun.

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