Digital Design using Verilog HDL programming with practical

Digital Design using Verilog HDL programming with practical

January 20, 2021

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This is a complete Verilog HDL programming course for beginners as well as higher level, as it is from scratch to the application level. This course not only discuss the concepts in Verilog HDL programming but also discuss the applications.

This course gives clear picture on simulation and writing a test bench using task and system task and illustrated with examples. For that, it provides file based examples like writing data in to file, reading data from file and loading data in to memory. Also some general examples like counter, clock diver using counter, pulse generator and random generator.

This course used to build Finite State Machines (FSM) diagram from the requirements and realization of FSM in to hardware model, then translation of hardware model FSM into verilog code for both Mealy & Moore and demonstrated with examples.

This course also shows some projects like Memory controller, FIFO controller and Error detection & correction using Hamming code. and finally it gives basic knowledge on FPGA’s.

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