Deep Dive into AWS CodePipeline

Deep Dive into AWS CodePipeline

December 29, 2020

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This is a deep diving course. So I will try to go through various aspects of AWS CodePipeline that can be used as a part of Software release process.

Initially, this course will go through the basic concepts of AWS CodePipeline  such as:

  • What’s AWS CodePipeline;

  • How this service works;

  • How AWS CodePipeline can help application developers in releasing new versions frequently;

  • Pricing models of AWS CodePipeline;

  • This course will also cover how big brands use this AWS service as a part of their Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC).

This course is not a theoretical course at all. Instead, It’s a hands-on-lab oriented course where you are going to see how AWS CodePipeline can be utilized in different use cases such as:

  • Creating a pipeline that publishes serverless application to AWS Serverless Application Repository.

  • Creating a pipeline with AWS CloudFormation

  • Creating a pipeline that builds and tests mobile application when a commit is pushed to the GitHub repository.

  • Setting up a CloudWatch events rule to receive email notifications while pipeline state changes

  • Implementing Continuous Delivery Pipeline for Kubernetes based application

  • and there are many more exciting projects you will see throughout the course.

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