Dart programming language for absolute beginners

Dart programming language for absolute beginners

January 13, 2021

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In this course, you will learn about dart programming language. Even if you don’t have any programming language knowledge. You can take this course. All the key concepts are explained with animation and analogy. Dart version 2.8.

With animation and various analogy, we will explore the basics to most important Dart Programming Language Features.

Some of the key topics will be covered in this course are,

Dart Installation and setting up visual studio code – Install dart-sdk and workstation setup for dart in visual studio code.

Variables – What is variable and different datatypes in dart (number, boolean, String, Object and dynamic)

Comments – Single and multi-line commands in dart

Collections – List, Set, Map (functions in collections)

Import and package management in Dart – various ways to import the library in the dart.

Flow control statements – if..else, switch

Loop and loop control statements –  For, For-in, While, do-while, break, continue and break continue with label.

Operators – List of operators in the dart, unary, arithmetic and logical operators.

Object-oriented programming – Object-oriented programming explained with Television example. Class, Object, Constructor, this, Named constructor.

Inheritance – Simple, Multi-level, Hierarchical Inheritance explained with television example (with animation)

Mixin – Abstract class, Multiple inheritances explained with mixin explained with the electronic device.

Functions – What is function?, Optional positional parameters with default values, Named Parameters and using functions as an object.

Exception Handling – Try, on, Catch, Throw an exception, Create custom exception.

Constant – Constant and difference between constant and final.

Asynchronous Programming – Asynchronous programming – Introduction, Future, Async and Await and Single subscription stream.

Generators – Synchronous generator and asynchronous generator

All the code used in the course can be found in my GitHub repository. JayaramachandranAugustin/Dart_programming

Who this course is for:

  • You have ZERO programming experience and want to learn Dart Programming

  • You want to develop beautiful and competitive mobile applications using dart(Flutter) for android and iOS.

  • You want to develop web applications using Dart.

  • You want to learn the Object-Oriented Programming with Dart

  • Programmers switching languages to Dart.

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