Cyber Security Social Engineering – Hacking Human Firewalls

Cyber Security Social Engineering – Hacking Human Firewalls

December 27, 2020

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Hacking people is the most effective hacking technique, has the highest success rate and is very difficult to detect and prevent against. Learn how to hack the human firewall and how to protect yourself and your organization against so called social engineering attacks where people get manipulated to do things they usually would not do and companies get way too easy hacked with the support of their own employees without them noticing. 

This course is for non-IT people/absolute beginners up to cyber security professionals that want to get into social engineering.

Your teacher has over 18 years experience including a bachelor and master in Cyber Security and was within various expert and head of positions in the security government area, large international consulting and the banking industry.

Course Overview (around 3.5 hours of valuable content)

  • What is social engineering and how does it work

  • The human risk factor

  • Sensitive vs. non-sensitive information

  • Hacking into your e-mails, icloud and fotos with very little effort and information

  • How to protect against password reset attacks

  • Why social engineering is so dangerous

  • Types of Social Engineering (Phishing, Smishing, Whaling, Vishing, Impersonation, Dumpster Diving, Baiting, Tailgating)

  • How to prevent all those Social Engineering attacks

  • Social Engineering Framework and how to plan and perform a social engineering attack (Open Source Intelligence, Built Your Story, Attack Plan, Attack, Documentation)

  • (BONUS) Real life Social Engineering Scenarios and how to protect against them

What you can expect from this course:

  • Sharing long time experience in this area

  • Lots of practical and real life examples instead of just theoretical frameworks

  • A trainer that is motivated helping you to easily understand social engineering and protect yourself and your organization against these attacks

  • The content is shared in easy to understand language so that everyone (even non-IT people or absolute beginners) can learn social engineering and how to protect themselves

  • You´ll be provided the possibility to join a Cyber Security experts chat group and contact the instructor for questions

IMPORTANT: You will need to watch within lecture four a video on youtube as it shows you a practical social engineering attack that we will analyze and discuss in our course. This video cant be incorporated into the udemy plattform for legal / copyright reasons. Therefore you will need an active internet connection for this small part. The video only lasts 2 minutes.

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