CSharp Programming  For Beginners

CSharp Programming For Beginners

January 19, 2021

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Dotnet framework is meant for the beginners who are interested in developing their career as software developers or for professional interested in faculty departments in colleges or universities .

Professionals enrolling can look forward to their careers in developing console applications,  creating websites or desktop applications and windows based applications

.Its always desirable to have prior experience in procedural or object oriented programming  languages like C or C++ to start with this programming.The .Net framework is a revolutionary platform that helps you to write the following types of applications −

  • Windows applications

  • Web applications

  • Web services

The .Net framework applications are multi-platform applications. The framework has been designed in such a way that it can be used from any of the following languages: C#, C++, Visual Basic, Jscript, COBOL, etc. All these languages can access the framework as well as communicate with each other.It is a modern, general-purpose programming language

  • It is object oriented.

  • It is component oriented.

  • It is easy to learn.

  • It is a structured language.

  • It produces efficient programs.

  • It can be compiled on a variety of computer platforms.

  • It is a part of .Net Framework.

Quick reference of important topics with sample codes asked in the screening rounds of the interviews at Multi National Companies like

Accenture,IBM, Infosys,WIPRO, Mphasis,Cognizant etc

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