Complete Cyber Security, Ethical Hacking – Nano Degree

Complete Cyber Security, Ethical Hacking – Nano Degree

December 30, 2020

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*** This elaborated course on Udemy is the only one where you get to practice your skill on cybersecurity ***

Cybersecurity refers to the body of technologies, processes, and practices designed to protect networks, devices, programs, and data from attack, damage, or unauthorized access. Cybersecurity may also be referred to as information technology security.

Cybersecurity doesn’t involve just businesses and the government. Your computer, tablet, and cellphone probably contain information that hackers and other criminals would love to have, like other people’s email addresses, names, and birthdates. Suppose, for example, a hacker had access to your contact information. He could then send an email or text message to everyone you know, using your name, encouraging them to click on a link containing malware, like “Hey Jane, I thought you’d love this! Click here.”

This course is designed in a way to give you an insight into all the aspects of cybersecurity and at the same time, we make sure that you get the hands-on experience. The course consists of Dark Web, Web Security, Cryptography, Network Security, Malware, Operating System Security, Social Engineering, Memory attacks, Zero-Day attacks. We will deal with the theory and will then move to the practical part.

The course will have some hacking challenges as assignments. Those will be unlocked over the period of the course. It is a self-paced course for you to take onto. But we recommend spending at least 6-8 hours per week on the course. You can always ask the questions in the forum and that will be answered by the experts. After every few weeks, there will be live QNA sections regarding the course which you can attend and ask any question that you have to the instructor.

Job scenarios in Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity is very obviously a job sector of the future. Official estimates put job growth in the sector at 37% per year at least through 2022 – and that is probably conservative. At the start of this year there were an estimated half million cybersecurity jobs unfilled in the U.S. alone.

Even entry-level pay is about $10,000 better than the national median salary, and those who reach the C suite are getting into the $500,000 range.

That’s the good news. It’s also the bad news, for society. Because the main reason it is a job of the future is because the cyber risks of a connected world keep expanding and getting more threatening.

It’s now so last year – even last five years – to refer to the Internet of Things (IoT). It is now, or soon will be, the Internet of Everything (IoE). Encryption guru, author, blogger and CTO at IBM Resilient Bruce Schneier calls it Internet+ (short for Internet+Things+Us) in his most recent book, “Click Here to Kill Everybody.”

It is a world where pretty much everything and everybody – individuals, companies, governments, critical infrastructure – are increasingly dependent on connected systems, networks, and devices.

Is the curriculum of the course fixed?

The course is updated based on the changing technology in that field. This makes sure that you keep your cybersecurity knowledge updated. Also every now and then all the students will participate in CTF competitions which are hacking competitions and the instructor will help in sharing the details about the challenges and how one should approach them.

The course is a nano degree for Cyber Security where the student will go through various challenges, assignments, quizzes.

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