COMPLETE- AWS Security Speciality Certification

COMPLETE- AWS Security Speciality Certification

December 25, 2020

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You could be an IT professional of any kind, be a Cloud Professional or an Penetration Tester/ White Hat, AWS Security Specialty Certification is a must have if you are planning to take you career to the next level. Wait, Cyber security is not just something meant for Ethical Hackers or top grade Cloud Professionals, everyone is expected to have some elementary skills on security cloud resources on the day one when you start working on a cloud project.

Everyone knows about phishing, because it is most common cyber threat that everyone has witnessed. When you get a spamy email that has a phishing link, you simply avoid clicking it. Everyone who has an email id, must be aware of phishing, otherwise things can go wrong. But when you are building your career around Cloud Computing, you need to be more careful about various sophisticated threats out there. AWS has various set of tools and services specially designed just to keep your cloud resources manageable, secure and auditable. But security can’t be automated, simply because automation itself is a vulnerability. So you need to be actively monitoring and optimizing your cloud resources in this regard.

In this course you will be learning various AWS identity and security services that can help you build skillset necessary for AWS Security Specialty Certification exam. It is a professional level AWS exam, so you are expected to have some working experience on AWS, that you can easily build when you just start practicing it on AWS cloud. You will be learning about following AWS security services in this course with prime emphasis on Securing your cloud applications, not just preparing you for a certification exam.

  • Artifact

  • CloudHSM

  • Certificate Manager

  • Secrets Manager

  • Directory Service

  • Guard Duty

  • Inspector

  • Single Sign-On

  • WAF and Shield, etc.

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