AWS Security Series: Key Management Service ( KMS )

AWS Security Series: Key Management Service ( KMS )

December 25, 2020

Original Price: €34.99

This course provides a complete hands on introduction to  AWS Key Management Service(KMS). We have a fast paced style of delivery. The lectures and labs/demo are planned and edited to pack the most content in shortest time. This is a must take course to pass the AWS Security exam. Taught by an instructor who has successfully passed the AWS Security Speciality Exam.

This course includes Labs/demo using the Management Console and the command line interface(CLI).

What the students are saying:

“The pace is good, the presenter peaks very clearly, and the information is presented in a very straightforward way – it is clear they thought a lot about how to present the information in the most clear and concise way.”

“Very clear Awesome Pace”

“I really enjoyed the course. I picked up a thing or 2. I think the topic was covered well.”

“Great explanation on basic fundamentals”

We will cover topics including:

– Customer Master Key creation with Imported Key Materials

– Generating and using data keys

– Using CMK to import data

– Key Rotation

– Key Access controls 

– AWS Managed vs Customer Managed Keys

– Key Lifecycle Management

Why take this course?

1) KMS is integral to encryption of data on AWS.

 2) KMS is featured in several AWS Exams and heavily featured in the AWS Security exam. 

3) To get an good understanding of  KMS so you can identify the best solutions which KMS provides and fits your need.

4) You will get all the future updates we have on the course.

5) Get free Course Slides that you can use for study 

6) 30 day money- back guarantee. If you aren’t satisfied, we will happily refund you.

7) The instructor is 5x AWS Certified including the AWS Security speciality cert where KMS is heavily featured.

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