AWS Ninja

AWS Ninja

December 25, 2020

Original Price: €24.99

A unique course that teaches AWS in a practical project based manner. It’s not a certification course. It’s for builders, entrepreneur and developers who want to build their own products and understand AWS products by building something. Their are thousand of courses on AWS but none teaches the student in a practical project based manner and cover end to end lifecycle of a cloud application. Students spend money after money and pay for courses to get these skills. This course is a complete bootcamp that turns student into AWS Ninja. Say no to buying more and more courses. Every latest aspect of cloud services will be covered in this course. Best part the course will be updated with new content and services for lifetime. So no more searching for a course that cover few AWS services. Join and become an AWS Ninja.

When i started building my own products as part of i found  the limitation of courses that are offered on various websites. As an entrepreneur it was a frustrating experience to buy courses after courses and none covering how to make a product from end to end. This course is an attempt to fill that gap. Hope you enjoy the same.

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