AWS Cloud Practitioner Exam Simulator

AWS Cloud Practitioner Exam Simulator

December 25, 2020

Original Price: €199.99

The AWS Cloud Practitioner Exam (CLF-C01) is geared towards professionals who have basic experience with cloud-based technologies. Those include corporate decision-makers, general managers, sales managers, IT managers, and marketers wanting to become certified in AWS Cloud. The AWS Cloud Practitioners exam is targeted towards professionals who want to showcase their knowledge in AWS Platforms such as:

(1) Cloud Security and Compliance,

(2) Cloud Value Proposition,

(3) AWS pricing and cost model,

(4) AWS services and how to leverage their power,

(5) AWS Cloud Architectural principals.

This course includes two sample practice exams that will increase your confidence prior to sitting for the AWS Cloud Practitioner Certification exam.

Instead of wasting USD $100, taking these two practice exams will help you pass the official AWS Cloud Practitioner Certification exam from the first trial.

The exam questions are carefully designed to cover all domains and they mimic the real exam questions.

Taking is course is crucial to ensure that you have mastered all the various domains and you’re ready to pass the exam. The exam will guide you on the areas that you need to focus on more before you sit for the real exam.

The practice exam consists of the following:

  1. Two 65 practice exam questions covering all 4 domains

  2. Answer key with detailed explanation

  3. Timed assessment with 90 minutes to complete the exam

Enroll today and become a certified AWS Cloud Practitioner Pro!

See you inside.

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