AWS Admin All-in-One: 4-in-1

AWS Admin All-in-One: 4-in-1

December 25, 2020

Original Price: €199.99

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the most dominating platform in the public cloud market by a huge margin and has been the first choice for many organizations.

This comprehensive 4-in-1 training course is packed with clear, practical, instruction-based videos that will enable you to use and implement the latest features of AWS.

About the Authors

Lucas Chan has been working in tech since 1995 in a variety of development, systems admin, and DevOps roles. He is currently a senior consultant and engineer at Versent and technical director at Stax. He’s been running production workloads on AWS for over 10 years. He’s also a member of the APAC AWS Warriors program and holds all five of the available AWS certifications.

Rowan Udell has been working in development and operations for 15 years. He has held a variety of positions, such as SRE, front-end developer, back-end developer, consultant, technical lead, and team leader. His travels have seen him work in start-ups and enterprises in the finance, education, and web industries in Australia and Canada. He currently works as a senior consultant with Versent, an AWS Advanced Partner in Sydney. He specializes in serverless applications and architectures on AWS and contributes actively in the Serverless Framework community.

Mitesh Soni is a DevOps enthusiast. He has worked on projects for DevOps enablement using Microsoft Azure and VSTS. He also has experience in working with other tools that are DevOps enablers such as Jenkins, Chef, IBM UrbanCode Deploy, Atlassian Bamboo, and more. He is a CSM, SCJP, SCWCD, VCP, IBM Bluemix, CJE and IBM Urbancode certified professional.

Raluca Bolovan is an author, DevOps Engineer, AWS Certified Solutions Architect, and AWS Certified Developer. She graduated with a first-class Honors Meng degree in Computing (Software Engineering) from Imperial College London. She worked in Investment Banking for three years with technologies such as Python, Java, and Spring. She then moved into the FinTech industry and has written microservices running on Docker on AWS. Raluca has several years’ experience architecting and implementing new solutions on the AWS platform. She has built, among others, a serverless ETL and data warehousing solution using AWS Lambda, DynamoDB, Redshift, and S3 as the principal components. She is also interested in new technologies. So far, she has worked in roles in most aspects of technology, ranging from front-end development with JavaScript and Django to back-end with microservices in Java 8 and Postgres, and more recently DevOps on AWS. If a technology might feasibly be the solution for the task at hand, she will definitely try it.

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