Amazon Certification :Amazon Web Services Certification Exam

Amazon Certification :Amazon Web Services Certification Exam

December 25, 2020

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Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the market leader among cloud service providers now. Why? It provides cost-effective services to organizations. The services of AWS are scalable and ideal for different business sizes.

Most important of all, AWS follows formidable security measures for safeguarding, monitoring, and maintenance of its data centers. As a result, AWS is staying at the top of the list of cloud service providers. So, the first reason to go for AWS certifications is the status of AWS. If you want to invest time and efforts in learning about cloud technologies, then it’s better to choose the leader.

1. Preparing for the future

The first mention in AWS certification benefits relates to the increasing popularity of cloud technology. Recent research shows that almost 83% of enterprise workloads would be transferred to the cloud by 2020. As we know, AWS is the market leader among cloud service providers.

Therefore, the advantages of AWS certification can help you prepare for the upcoming trends in IT professional job market. AWS has almost 31% of the market share and is showing gradual growth in revenue. Majority of companies would need AWS certified professionals shortly. Therefore, an AWS certification could show your skills to potential employers and increase your appeal as a job candidate

2. New avenues for developing professional expertise

The next entry among the top AWS certification benefits is the development of professional expertise. As discussed before, AWS certifications require a lot of study, practice, and commitment to learning AWS technologies. Furthermore, the concerns of recertification also imply the need for candidates to stay updated with the latest trends in AWS. So, you will have to show your expertise to get the certification and also invest efforts in maintaining the certification.

Most important of all, candidates could also get other AWS certifications to broaden their skill set. Every AWS professional doesn’t need to stick to a particular role. For example, you can go for AWS DevOps Engineer certification after qualifying the AWS Developer associate certification.

3. Gain an appreciation for your efforts

Another crucial mention among AWS certification benefits relates to the recognition for certified professionals. AWS certified professionals receive digital badges. These digital badges represent your certification achievement, and you can use them on social media and email signatures. The digital badges provide instant access to exclusive certification events sponsored by AWS. The digital badges also help in getting exclusive access to select AWS Summit events and AWS Certification Lounges at “AWS re Invent.”

Furthermore, you will also get invites to regional Appreciation Receptions with an AWS certification. Now, you can find your answer to “Is AWS Certification worth it?”. Any individual would love to gain so much recognition for an AWS certificate.

4. Display your commitment levels

You can also find AWS certification benefits in the proof of your commitment. Candidates appearing for AWS certifications tend to invest considerable amounts of time and efforts for clearing the exams. However, first of all, the candidates show their dedication to the AWS platform by choosing AWS certifications. Therefore, an AWS certification shows the commitment of a professional to the AWS platform.

The AWS certification journey is not an easy one. So, the individuals who are successful in obtaining AWS certification must have worked hard to achieve the certificate. Therefore, the certificate implies the perseverance of certified professionals. Hence, you can provide proof of your traits of commitment and perseverance with an AWS certification.

5. Limited difficulties to clear AWS certification

The advantages of AWS certification also exist in the form of its ease as compared to other certifications. AWS certifications introduced back in 2013 have come a long way in improving ease for potential candidates. Presently, you can find many resources that can help you achieve the desired certification. The support of documentations, whitepapers, and instructor-led training courses helps candidates achieve AWS certification easily.

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