7 Areas of Opportunity-Finance Leaders Facing Cyber Security

7 Areas of Opportunity-Finance Leaders Facing Cyber Security

December 30, 2020

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Strategic cyber security considerations for CFOs and other finance leaders are the focus of this course. Cyber security is a business problem, yet often only single point or technical solutions are analyzed without considering the organization as a whole, and in a strategic context. A lack of strategic understanding and engagement in cyber security can leave companies poorly protected despite spending on these partial solutions. This course is designed to help finance leaders understand strategic considerations in managing cyber security risk, and the importance of expert insight and contextualization.

This course opens with a view of the perspectives of CFOs and finance leaders based on their role within an organization and its profile, then moves to a comparison of an organization’s motives for online information versus an attacker’s, and some evidence and explanations of these motivations.

The course then turns to 7 areas of opportunity for finance leaders to strategically engage in protecting their organization’s important information and assets including, risk contextualization, expert-peer engagement, questions to ask, and strategic next steps. These areas are then brought together by an illustrative Board Director and CFO questions and answer session.

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